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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Early Morning Thoughts ...

Early Morning Thoughts ...


I awake to hear tires on the pavement ...

I feel a cat paw on my hand ...

My husband sleeping soundly next to me ...

Is it Sunday?

Or will the beeping begin going off soon?

No, It is the weekend - One more day before the routine begins ...

Thinking of things that need to get done ...

And how I seem to fall short lately ...

I am glad that I have kept up with on-line classes

That I thoroughly enjoy ...

If they could only make housework

Just as pleasurable ...

Trying to incorporate a few more hours into each day ...

And an extra day on the weekends ...

Needing to start benefiting from the extra daylight hours ...

My mind turns to how we need clothes for upcoming family events ...

How I need wrapping paper, self tanner, nails manicured, etc ...

I dose back off to sleep ...

Noticing the alarm clock in the early morning light ...

3:52am ...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Live What You Love ...

A Few Things I Love ...

Morning Coffee

A Favorite Song On The Radio

Coming Across a Great Quote

Sharing a Hearty Laugh

Collaborating with Other Artists

Spending Time With My Family

A Warm Shower 

Returning to The Old Ways of Doing Things

Visiting a New Bookstore

The Comforts of Home

Replacing Hot Chocolate for Lemonade

Watching a Favorite Movie

Going from Winter Boots to Sandals 

Finding an Unexpected Photo Opportunity

Hearing From An Old Friend

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Mornings ...

My Original Photography 

Saturday Mornings

Sipping my coffee in my living room
Thoughts of the upcoming weeks swirling in my head
At peace knowing I have done the best I can
The washing machine is going, preparing for a new week
A favorite movie, Julie & Julia is in the background
One of our cats gives a howl to let himself be known
Comfy clothes replace dress pants and tops
Our street hums with passing cars
The house feels warm and comfortable
No time restraints, no deadlines
A phone call to my folks to check in
Perfect afternoon for a nap
Rainy day in New England
Three Words
Home Sweet Home

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anthropologie & Bella ...

As many of you know, I love sharing things I come across and fall in love with ... These are two items I never mind finding in my mailbox ... Anthropologie Catalog & Bella Grace Magazine ...

Ever since I took Bella Cirovic's Online Course - A Flame in the Frost - (She mentions this catalog to search for images that speak to us to place in our journals) - I ordered this catalog - The artistry and dreamlike photos make my heart sing. Bella Grace is a magazine that I learned about through many of my UK friends. This magazine is like no other. It has amazing photography, thick book like double fold-over covers, with articles and prompts for you to try ... I cannot wait to dive in and dig a bit deeper into myself with a delicious cup of coffee this weekend! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

46 Lessons I Have Learned ...

46 Lessons
I Have Learned Over The Years ...

You Can Always Rely On Your Parents
Choose a Great Partner
Pets Make a House a Home
Make Choices That Feel Right
Any Size Home Can Be Cozy
A Smile Can Change Everything
Welcome New Ideas
Love Others While They Are Living
Book Smarts Do Not Equal Street Smarts
Remember Where You Came From
It All Comes Down To Love
Common Sense is NOT So Common
Solitude Gives Answers
A Good Cry Is Needed At Times
Try, Try and Try Once Again
Use the Gifts You Have Been Given
Spring and Fall are Always Welcome
Hold On To Childhood Friends
Cheer For The Underdog
Ice Coffee Is a Real Treat
Being Outdoors Brings Clarity
Keep An Open Mind
Spend a Bit More for Better Quality
Start The Conversation
Listen To Your Inner Voice
Create Each Day
Say Good Morning To Strangers
Make Time For The Things You Love
Journal Your Thoughts
Take Each Opportunity You Are Given
Find Your Niche
Photograph Special Moments
Try To Always Be Your Better Self
Be The First To Say Hello
Listen To What Speaks To You At a Young Age
Chocolate Is Always The Right Answer
Learn To Forgive
Never Give Up
Do Not Let This World Make You Bitter
Be a Good Listener
Sometimes All It Takes Is a Manicure
Give Everyone a Second Chance
Never Apologize For Being You
Read Books You Enjoy
Accept That You Make Mistakes
Appreciate a Rainy Day

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Numbers Game ...

Photo Credit - PinTerest

I am currently taking Hannah Marcotti's "Spirit of Joy" Online Course.
Each lesson she speaks of aspects in life to focus on. 
She mentions Vision Boards, Dreams, Creating Lists Etc. 
Recently, She mentioned picking a number, one that will serve you.

The Number "2" has shown up for me in many ways over the years. 
I was born in the 2nd Month of the Year, 
I have landed a few jobs in the month of February,
I have two pets,
Usually have two cameras at a time,
Have you found a pattern with a certain number in your life?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year ...

Photo Credit - PinTerest 

Happy 2015 To All My Family & Friends ...
Wishing You All The Best In The New Year ... 

I have decided to make a "To Do List"
 that can be checked off throughout the year

I Began Creating One for 2015 ...

Visit a Few Wineries in MA 
Land a Full-time Position
Start Giving To Charity On a Regular Basis 
Visit Federal Hill in Rhode Island
Expand My Photography Skills
Try a New Vacation Spot
Photograph a New Town, Neighborhood
Take the Duck Tour in Boston MA 
Visit NYC 

Just to Name a Few ...

This is something new for me,
I look forward to adding more ideas
and checking them off as I go ...

Did you begin a new practice for 2015?
I would love to hear about it ... 

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Christmas Time ...

Here are the Two Versions of Christmas Cards Sent Out This Year ...

They were both photographed last year, during a get-away trip with my Mom. They were taken in Woodstock, NH ... It was a Winter Wonderland during our entire weekend stay ...

The first was taken driving out of a Ski Resort through the car windshield. The images in the background are of ice sculptures. At times, while I photograph, I "try" things and hope for the best - This was one of them!

The second being of The Wilderness Inn in Woodstock, NH. The Innkeepers were delightful, the accommodations were cozy and the food was amazing!

Year End, Has always been a time of reflecting on the past months - What have I done? What can I improve on in the upcoming year? What would I like to do in 2015?  I would love to hear your answers to these questions ...

Merry Christmas & A Happy Holiday Season To All ...